SAM Registration

Start your SAM Registration or Renewal today and join 400,000 businesses earning federal contracts, grants, and other benefits from the government’s System for Award Management

What is SAM Registration?

System for Award Management (SAM) Registration is a government-wide database for vendors looking to bid on government contracts or receive federal funding. The process involves completing required solicitation clauses and certifications and providing information about your business. This helps to determine whether you are a good fit for a contract or funding and vice versa. Once you complete this the first time, registration has to be renewed annually.

In addition to simply being a prerequisite for bidding on federal contracts, SAM can also be used as a marketing tool. This is because your company’s information is used by government agencies and contractors to search the registry. Beyond data like the size, location, and financial details of your business, SAM also displays whether firms have supplementary certifications from the 8(a) Development and HUBZone Programs. This gives you great opportunities to stand out in these searches and promote your strengths.

The Importance of SAM Registration

In 2020, the federal government allocated $665 billion of its discretionary budget toward contract spending for goods and services. While a large portion of that money was through the Department of Defense, the rest was allocated through the Departments of Health & Human Services, Energy, Justice, and many more. This means that you don’t have to be in the construction or defense industries to find and win major contracts or funding for your business.

However, in order to be eligible, you do need to complete your SAM Registration first. It is what stands between your company and potential contracts or financing from the federal government, which is why it’s so important for many businesses across the country.

Because there’s currently a lack of organizations that have registered for these federally-provided benefits, a large portion of government set-asides simply go unclaimed every year. Meaning in many cases, SAM Registration will provide a business with guaranteed access to federal funding.

Don’t Go Through Registration & Renewal Alone

Unfortunately, the federal registration process is lengthy and SAM filing has strict requirements and a long list of details and processes that need to be provided and completed. This includes a CAGE Code, revenue and financial information, certifications, NAICS and SIC Codes, a Marketing Partner ID, and much more. The process often takes weeks and deters many businesses from taking advantage of the valuable government-supplied opportunities available to them.

We’re Here to Help

FAMR is an independent consulting firm that specializes in registering businesses with the federal government and making sure they get access to the opportunities they deserve. Our federal registration experts are versed in each aspect of the SAM registration process and beyond to help new organizations begin or renew their own every day.

Let us guide your registration process to not only make sure your company completes its SAM Registration as quickly as possible, but also guarantee it receives every certification it qualifies for to win exclusive federal contracts and grants.

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