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In 2014, Federal Award Management Registration was founded as an independent consulting firm who assists companies with getting efficiently set up to win government contracts. Throughout the years, FAMR has expanded its scope into not only the Federal sector but State and Local as well. Our company focuses on building our clients up in the right direction within each department- Registrations, Certifications, Marketing, and Branding. Our teams consist of dedicated professionals who work through five-star customer service, matched with full transparency at all times. With over 25 years of combined experience, FAMR knows the ins and outs of all the red tape that the government has throughout their processes. We use our expertise by curating pathways through the government sectors and working to turn our clients into contract holders!

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Meet the Founder & CEO - Brad Anderson

"An innovative executive who curates new opportunity for small businesses within the contracting sectors."

Brad is a well-versed, highly reputable Owner and CEO. He is equipped with extensive government contracting, cyber marketing, and consulting experience that dates back to the early 2000’s. Becoming the Owner of BizSpot, an internet marketing firm, was the first step in his professional career. Brad took control in working closely with various business bureaus as their internet marketing partner and eventually took a plunge into the federal contracting space. Since opening Federal Award Management Registration in 2014, he has grown his own organization immensely. Starting off as a small business startup and developing into a 5-million-dollar company, Brad exemplifies his knack for evolution through proven metrics. He steadily develops new business ventures that result in making smaller organizations successful in the contracting space. Accelerated by his tenacity and grit, Brad has mastered ways to predict market values and always has a plan to level up. While expanding both internally and externally, he ensures his company morale is nothing short of exceptional. He leads his company through a strong work-life balance matched with an honest, but motivated, internal team of experts.

On a personal level, it is evident that Brad is a family-oriented individual who takes pleasure in the little things Florida has to offer. You can find him playing pickleball, boating, or even track racing in his free time. You can always count on Brad to uplift others and spread his positive energy, both inside and outside of the office.

Whether it’s putting his experience to work or using his outgoing persona to motivate those around him, you can always trust the process when it falls into Brad’s hands.


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