First impressions can determine whether you win a contract or not. The FedAdvantage marketing program includes creating a capability statement, helping your company to shine and boosting your chances of being selected for federal contracts

Why Capability Statements Matter

Like a resume for applying to a job, your capability statement is crucial for showcasing your expertise and ability to meet the requirements of the contract you’re bidding for. With federal contracts, your eligibility is often assessed based on your capability statement and how it compares to what the procurement officers are looking for. The real challenge is fitting everything great about your company on a single page in a professional and accurate manner, which is where FAMR can put our insights and knowledge to work for you.

Get a Professional & Personalized Capability Statement Today

FAMR specialists are experienced in writing capability statements for a variety of industries and business types so that we can deliver the most beneficial final result to you. We understand how complicated and stressful it can be to create your own, whether you’re just getting started with federal contracts or have a growing business that needs an updated statement.

We also have a gallery of sample design styles, formats, and color palettes that you can further customize by adding logos or even images to make sure it’s representative of you. Our goal is to give you something that is as individual as your business that presents its skills, qualifications, and history of excellence.

A Capability Statement is Only One Component of Your Marketing Plan

A capability statement is a great start, but navigating the federal marketplace requires more than that to be successful. You can’t use your capability statement to its full potential without a network of connections or a contact list to send it to.

Beyond that, you need to be able to market yourself and your capabilities with a campaign that effectively leverages your network and capability statement. All of this is included in our marketing plan for businesses like you, where we use our expertise in the industry to act as a guide through the federal marketplace.

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