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FedAdvantage Marketing Services for Government Contractors

Your business deserves the benefits that come with winning lucrative contracting opportunities, and we have the expertise to help you get there.

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Streamline your search for contracts, stand out to Procurement Officers, and better connect with hundreds of thousands in government funding opportunities.

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The FedAdvantage program utilizes three targeted processes proven to provide your company with a competitive advantage when navigating the Federal Sector and obtaining Federal contracts.


Streamline the Browsing & Bidding Process


Plan Your Federal Marketing Campaign


Create a Federal Marketing Profile

Using these effective online tools, FAMR’s Marketing Specialists will launch your organization into the Federal Marketplace, setting you up for success.

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Be a Top Competitor in your Industry

Heighten your success with securing contracts through our FedAdvantage Program Tiers. From Federal to State to B2B, we will build and tailor your organization’s business plan to ensure that you start strong and hit the ground running in the contracting world.

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A first look into All-Access with FAMR.


Both of the FAMR Portals below streamline your contracting process to maximize your results in the State, Local, and Federal Sectors. They are built to enhance your organization’s access to government opportunities, benefits, and additional information as they go live. To decide which portal is best for you, check out some of the key features below:


Key Federal Opportunities Alerts

It’s important that RFIs (Request for Information), pre-solicitation notices, Open Opportunities, and modifications to open bids that are well-suited to your business don’t go unnoticed. We’ll make sure that you’re alerted of every relevant opportunity that your organization should know about.

Critical Insights on Awarded Contracts

To effectively win over vendors, Procurement Officers, and other stakeholders and parties, it helps to know everything you can about them. We’ll ensure that your business has the insights it needs to best navigate the dynamic federal marketplace, with us providing additional support and guidance as a partner along the way.

Weekly Contracts Report

Contracts come and go, so it’s important that your organization doesn’t let critical information slip through the cracks. With your custom weekly contract report, we’ll connect your business to a stream of information that tracks concluding opportunities relevant to your products and services, and highlights possible renewals for new prime vendors and subcontracting possibilities.


Expiring Contracts & Renewal Opportunities

This portal is equipped to search for contracts coming to a close within the next few months, or even years. There is detailed information accompanying each of these awards, which can be extremely lucrative opportunities for your company. Keep in mind, the federal sector has a 90% contract renewal rate.

Subcontracting Opportunities

This useful feature enables you to search for potential partnerships and companies to team up with in your industry. It also allows for searches that include subcontracting under prime vendors, rather than being limited to full contracts — expanding your pool of options and increasing your chances of winning a contract.

State & Local Opportunities (SLED)

Outside of federal contracting, State, Local, and County contracts can be just as valuable to most businesses. Our portal can generate a custom search to get as close as possible to available opportunities and points of contact within your area. In addition, databases for each state populate here, and various county procurement portals and platforms are available to allocate for state-level contracts.

GSA Market Research

Simplify the GSA process through the ability to access new areas like never before. These aspects include schedules, competitor information, market data, and more — all centralized in a single tool for easy use and insights.

Agency Forecasting Information

With our powerful forecasting function, you can take a deeper look into your industry based on purchases and other valuable metrics. It also enables your company to see vendors, dollar amounts, services, and products based on agency or NAICS code.

B2B Networking Guidance

Whether you’re looking for assistance within the industry or just want to conduct simple networking, our portal provides information about competitors and other vendors. This includes contact information, purchases, sales, award history, related opportunities of interest, and more.

Advanced Keyword Searches & Filter Options

To know exactly what you are looking for is one thing — but knowing how to find it is another. We have an advanced search method for open opportunities, Procurement Officers, and awarded contracts through fully customizable filter options. This gives you all the tools necessary to find any relevant contracts you might apply for.

Saved Projects Capability

We want to maximize your accessibility when it comes to your work in progress. To keep closer tabs on opportunities of interest, you can save projects of all types into their own folder, in addition to receiving update notifications. This helps you keep organized and on top of any upcoming listings, so you can focus less on keeping track of these and focus more on running your business.


FedLinks is another key marketing tool that makes it easier for Procurement Officers to find and review everything they need to know about your organization before awarding federal contracts and grants. Through FedAdvantage, we use FedLinks to:

  • Design a Profile Landing Page for your Organization

Online landing pages are a necessity to attract Procurement Officers and show them why they should choose your business for awards. We’ll create a standout profile page that catches their attention, emphasizes your strengths, and wins you contracts.

  • Earn your FedLinks Badge

Every organization approved by FedLinks receives a virtual badge to demonstrate their trusted certified status with the federal government. We’ll ensure your qualified business is registered without delay to help showcase your business’s authority in its field.

  • DSBS search

FedLinks is also an invaluable tool for increasing an organization’s performance in the DSBS database. To maximize your online presence, we’ll connect your business profile to DSBS and enhance its visibility in the federal marketplace.

Promote your ‎ ‎capabilities ‎ in the Federal Marketplace.



AsFedConnect gives your business everything it needs to reach out and make valuable connections in the federal marketplace — and our professional consulting team is here to help you succeed. Through FedAdvantage, we leverage FedConnect to:

  • Build your Business a Government Contact List

Appealing to government awarding officers within your industry is crucial. We’ll put you in contact with a list of government officers who have awarded contracts to similar businesses in your field, and help narrow down your search for clients seeking the products and services that you provide.

To succeed in marketing your services, bidding on federal opportunities, and impressing awarding officers, your organization must be able to demonstrate its capability over other applicants. We’ll put together a personalized company resume that makes your business shine, highlighting your advantages and strengths to improve your shot of winning contracts.

  • Plan & Enact your Federal Marketing Campaign

A robust contact list and attractive capability statement are valuable resources, but they don’t guarantee results alone. To ensure they’re put to use effectively, we’ll also help craft a surefire marketing campaign that optimizes your organization’s efforts in the Federal Marketplace.

Contracting and grant opportunities are just some of the perks that come with federal registration. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the others, we’ll create your FEMA company profile to gain eligibility for disaster relief funds and get you registered with the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) database to access even more exclusive federal benefits.

Ready to get started? Reach out online or call our team directly and we’ll help you start optimizing your Federal Marketplace presence and contract application strength today!

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