Streamline your Search for Federal Contracts, Stand-out to Procurement Officers, and better Connect with Hundreds-of-Thousands of Government Opportunities


FedAdvantage is an all-inclusive program that brings together three essential government services to give organizations a competitive advantage in the Federal Marketplace.
Our FAMR specialists will launch your organization’s FedAdvantage Program and ensure it makes the most of these 3 Powerful Online Tools


FedConnect gives your business everything it requires to reach out and make valuable connections in the federal marketplace—and our professional consulting team is here to make sure you succeed.

Through FedAdvantage we’ll apply FedConnect to:

    • Build your Business a Government Contact List
      Appealing to government awarding officers within your industry is crucial. We’ll link you with a list of government officers who have awarded contracts to similar businesses in your field, and help narrow down your search for clients seeking the products and services your business provides.


    • Create your Professional Capability Statement
      To succeed in marketing your services, bidding on federal opportunities, and impressing awarding officers, your organization must be able to demonstrate its capability over the rest. We’ll put together a personalized company resume that makes your business shine.
    • Plan and Enact your Federal Marketing Campaign

      A robust contact list and attractive capability statement are valuable resources, but they don’t guarantee results alone. To ensure they’re put to use effectively, we’ll help craft a surefire marketing campaign that optimizes your organization’s efforts in the Federal Marketplace.


  • Setup your FEMA & DSBS Profiles
    Contracting and grant opportunities are just some of the perks that come with federal registration. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the others, we’ll create your FEMA company profile to gain eligibility for disaster relief funds and get you registered with the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) database to access even more exclusive federal benefits.

FedAdvantage is an established program designed to utilize three unique processes proven to give your company a competitive advantage when navigating the Federal Marketplace and obtaining Federal contracts.


FedLinks is a key marketing tool that makes it easier for procurement officers to find and review everything they need to know about your organization before awarding federal contracts and grants.

Through FedAdvantage we’ll use FedLinks to:

  • Design a Profile Landing Page for your Organization
    Online landing pages are a necessity to attract procurement officers and show them why they should choose your business for federal awards. We’ll create a standout profile page that catches their attention and wins the contracts you deserve.

  • Earn your FedLinks Badge
    Every organization approved by FedLinks receives virtual badge to demonstrate their trusted certified status with the federal government. We’ll ensure your qualified business is registered without delay to help showcase your business’ authority in its field.

  • DSBS search
    FedLinks is an invaluable tool for increasing an organizations performance in the DSBS database. To maximize your online presence, we’ll connect your business profile to DSBS and enhance its visibility in the federal marketplace.

  • Rank Higher in Google Results
    To attract the attention of new clients online, a business’ organic web traffic can’t be ignored. We’ll apply search-engine optimization (SEO) tactics ensure procurement officers find your business at the top of their Google results page.

Use the power of three to develop a competitive advantage in the Federal marketplace


FedMine is an alert system that streamlines the process of browsing and bidding for contracts across the federal marketplace to enhance your organization’s access to government benefits.

Through FedAdvantage we’ll use FedMine to:

  • Alert you of Key Federal Opportunities
    It’s important that RFIs (Request for Information), pre-solicitation notices, Open Opportunities, and modifications to open bids which are well-suited to your business don’t go unnoticed. We’ll make sure that you’re alerted of every opportunity that your organization should know about.

  • Supply you with Critical Insights on Awarded Contracts
    To effectively win over vendors, procurement officers, and contracting opportunities, it helps to know everything you can about them. We’ll ensure that your business acquires the insights it needs to best navigate the dynamic federal marketplace.

  • Expiration Reminders and Alerts
    Contracts come and go, so its important that the best ones for your organization don’t slip from its grasp. With expiring alerts we’ll connect your business to a stream of information that tracks concluding opportunities relevant to your products and services, and highlight possible renewals for new prime vendors and biddable contracts.

  • FedMine Consulting
    Learning how to use FedMine to the fullest takes time, effort, and some knowhow—but we’ll be by your side every step of the way. With FAMR, you can rest assured that your organization will master every federal marketplace advantage FedMine has to offer.


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