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Over $71 billion in Federal Contracts are available to 8(A) Small Businesses every year
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Advantages of Registering your 8(A) Small Business

In 1967 the U.S. Government merged two key federal systems to form the nation’s 8(A) program that gives Minority and Disadvantaged Small Business owners the support they need to succeed within their industry.

Flash forward to today and 5% of yearly federal contracts are reserved for 8(A) small business owners. That’s billions of dollars in exclusive work and grant opportunities that the rest of their competition in the federal marketplace can’t access.

For reference: In 2018 the Federal Government set aside $560 billion for annual contract spending. Over $71 billion of that fund were specifically reserved for the purposes of empowering 8(A) small businesses—and as federal contract spending is increasing year-over-year—projections for 2020 show that 8(A) set-asides will rise by nearly $2 billion more.

Unfortunately, since there’s a severe lack of 8(A) small businesses that have successfully filed for certification to receive these lucrative benefits, most of those contract opportunities are just gathering dust. In fact, of the $71.5 billion reserved for 8(A) small businesses in 2018, only $29.5 billion of those work opportunities were claimed.

That means nearly 1-in-3 valuable 8(A) federal contracts are going to waste each year—and all that qualified businesses need to do to access them is register as an 8(A) organization.

  • Sole Source Awards – Sole Source Law dictates that a percentage of federal contracts and grants must be awarded directly to 8(A) organizations without competition.
  • Set-Aside Awards – Set-aside contracts and grants are opportunities that only 8(A) registered businesses can bid and compete for.
  • Special Preference – 8(A) small businesses also receive preferential consideration when competing for open-bid contracts that are available to the rest of the federal marketplace
  • Subcontracting Options – 8(A) small businesses may subcontract on the jobs they are awarded. That way smaller organizations don’t miss out on any larger prospects because of potential operational size limitations.
  • Private Sector Opportunities – 8(A) certified organizations are also eligible to access exclusive private sector contracting opportunities outside the federal government.

8(A) Small Business Program Qualifications

To qualify and successfully register for 8(A) small business status, a business must meet all the following criteria:
  • Qualifies for Small Business Status and is not currently part of the 8(A) Program
  • Over 51% owned and controlled by economically or socially disadvantaged U.S. citizens
  • Minority and disadvantaged business owners manage day-to-day and long-term operations
  • Demonstrate good character and the potential to succeed when awarded federal contracts
  • Business Owners personal net worth and average adjusted gross income is under $250,000
  • Business Owners have under $4 million in total asset value
If you believe your business qualifies for 8(A) certification don’t wait and miss out on the federal opportunities you deserve.

Ways to Certify: FAMR or DIY

To access 8(A) small business opportunities, organizations first need to complete a detailed registration process with the federal government, where the difference between certification approvals and denials often come down to the tiniest filing errors.

The entire registration and certification processes take between roughly 70 – 80 hours of clerical labor to complete, and that’s not including the follow-up work of renewals, supplying business updates, and more.

FAMR – Let Us Register Your 8(A) Small Business

We’ll ask you to send over some general information to get started and speak with you about what you can expect from your business’ registration process.

Then We’ll Take Over for You

Our Certification Specialists are committed to your success, and experts at the exhausting art of complex form-filling. We’ll stay by your side throughout the lengthy federal registration process, keeping you informed with frequent updates and communicating closely to ensure your business is found by the contractors you want to be discovered by most.

After your 8(A) certification status is approved, we’ll stay with you to take care of your registration renewals and review your federal account to make sure everything is accurate, compliant, and optimized for the contracts you apply for in the future.

  • Effortless Registration – Faster, Easier, and more Accurate than manual registration. You provide your business info, and we’ll take care of everything else.
  • Teammates you can Trust – FAMR’s certification specialists are a passionate team that specializes in registering qualified businesses to work alongside the federal government. We’ve helped businesses of all kinds achieve certification status and are more than happy to walk you through every step of your 8(A) certification process to assure your confidence.
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DIY – Registering your 8(A) Small Business Alone

Minority and disadvantaged small business owners who want to take the time to file for themselves by learning how to navigate this lengthy application process.

But remember, the federal government requires a lot of information to certify your business and it all needs to be submitted without error.

Otherwise, if registration is not completed perfectly the first time around, minority and disadvantaged small business owners will likely find themselves needing to embark through the full certification process again under even harsher filing guidelines. What’s worse, if 8(A) small businesses do still get approved despite some inaccuracies when filing, that faulty information can go on to create payment problems and severely impede an organization’s ability to win future contracts.

  • Dozens of Registration Hours – Registering 8(A) Small Business status with the federal government is an in-depth process that takes dedicated time, patience, and close attention-to-detail.
  • DIY Registration – The self-registration process can be completed by those who learn the ins-and-outs of how to file their 8(A) information without error.
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