What is Your MPIN & Why is it Important?

Sometimes, even the registration process for federal contracting can be overwhelming and seem like infinite acronyms — UEI, CAGE, SAM, NAICS, SIC, MPIN. It’s understandable to get a headache just trying to remember what each of them stands for, but each is an important piece of the registration process if you want to get started in federal contracting. One of the most critical pieces, and one that you’re definitely going to need to remember though, is your MPIN.

What is an MPIN number?

MPIN stands for Marketing Partner Identification Number, and it is an important code for all SAM registrants to create. The MPIN is nine characters in length, must contain both letters and numbers, and can’t have spaces or special characters.

Where it fits in with SAM registration

Once you have completed UEI registration and go through SAM registration, you be able to create your MPIN with the above criteria. Fortunately, while your SAM registration has to be renewed annually, your MPIN will not. You can change or update it if you’d like but there isn’t a requirement to do so.

What your MPIN is used for

If you think of your UEI number as the unique identifier or “username” for your business, your MPIN is like your password. You use the MPIN that you create to log into government databases and applications to look for contracting opportunities. These sites include FBO.gov, Grants.gov, and more, and are essential to participating in the federal marketplace.

MPIN vs. CAGE Code

When you’ve completed your SAM registration, you often receive both your MPIN (if you create one), as well as a CAGE Code, so sometimes these can be mixed up. Similar to a UEI number in that it acts as a unique identifier for your business, a CAGE Code is assigned to each legal entity at individual physical addresses. MPINs, on the other hand, are used as a password and are created by you rather than having one assigned to you.

How to look up your MPIN

Once you’ve completed your SAM registration, you can find your MPIN if you forgot or need to verify it. Log into your SAM.gov account and click “View” across from where your UEI number is displayed. From there, scroll down to the Points of Contact section and your MPIN will be at the bottom.

Don’t go through SAM registration on your own

The process and acronyms can get overwhelming and convoluted, so don’t put all the responsibility and stress on yourself. FAMR has a team of federal marketplace experts who can help guide you through registration and beyond to get the federal contracts you deserve.

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