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Become eligible for Federal Contracts with WOSB or EDWOSB certification status
Simplify the Women-Owned Small Business Certification process by working with our experienced specialists, standing by and ready to handle your Registration processes. From there, we ensure your WOSB is eligible for the Federal Contracts it deserves.
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WOSB Requirements

To register and qualify for WOSB status with the federal government, an organization must meet all the following criteria:

  • Qualifies for Small Business Status and is not currently part of the WOSB program
  • 51% owned and controlled by women who are U.S. citizens
  • A full-time female employee must hold the highest official position
  • Executive women head day-to-day and long-term operations

If you believe your business qualifies for WOSB certification begin registration today and join the rest of the WOSB organizations that succeed in the federal marketplace.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in also pursuing EDWOSB (Economically Disadvantaged WOSBs) status, an organization must also meet the following eligibility requirements, in addition to those for WOSB status. The full-time female(s) who holds the highest official position must have:

  • A net worth less than $750,000
  • $350,000 or less adjusted gross income averaged over the previous three years
  • $6 million or less in personal assets

Speak with our Certification Specialists to confirm your eligibility.

Advantages of Registering your WOSB

The federal government reserves 5% (roughly $25 billion) of the annual contracts that they allocate to businesses each year for WOSBs. That translates to billions of dollars in exclusive work opportunities which other registered businesses in the federal marketplace can’t compete for.

For Reference: In 2019 the federal government allocated $560 billion into annual contract spending, and over $26 billion of that fund was enacted for the sole purposes of supporting WOSB organizations with exclusive awards and contracting opportunities. But that’s only part of the total benefits that registered female business owners are given.

  • Sole Source Awards – Sole Source Law says that a portion of all federal contracts must be awarded directly to qualified WOSB organizations.
  • Set-Aside Awards – Set-aside contracts and grants provide competitive opportunities that only WOSB registered businesses can bid on.
  • Special Preference –Women-owned small businesses also receive preferential review when bidding on open-bid contracts that the rest of the federal marketplace is competing for.
  • Subcontracting Options – WOSB organization are able to subcontract on the job opportunities they earn. That way the size of a women-owned small business doesn’t determine whether or not it can access lucrative federal jobs.
  • Private Sector Opportunities – WOSB certification goes beyond eligibility for federal benefits, it also grants access to exclusive contracting opportunities from the private sector.

FAMR helps hundreds of female-owned business gain WOSB status every year

How Do I Register as a Woman Owned Small Business?

To gain access to WOSB opportunities organizations first need to undergo a comprehensive registration process with the federal government, where the difference between certification approvals and denials is frequently offset by the smallest clerical errors. The entire registration and certification processes take between roughly 60 – 70 hours, and that doesn’t count for the necessary follow-up work of certification renewals, change-in-business updates, and more.

FAMR – Let Us Register Women-Owned Small Business

When working with FAMR, providing us with some basic information is all it takes to getting started. We’ll also explain what to expect from your business’ registration and certification process.

We’ll Handle the Rest from There

Our Certification Specialists are dedicated to your organization’s success, and experts at the exhausting art of complex form-filling. We’ll stay with you every step of the way during the long federal registration process, keeping you informed with frequent updates and cooperating to ensure your business is found by awarding and procurement officers that offer the opportunities that benefit you the most.

Once your WOSB successfully enters the federal marketplace, we’ll stay with you to help
with registration renewals and review your federal account to make sure everything is accurate, compliant, and optimized for the government contracts and awards you apply for in the future.

Benefits of Partnering with FAMR vs. DIY

  • Effortless Registration – Faster, Easier, and
    more Reliable than manual registration. You provide your business info and we’ll take care of everything
  • Teammates you can Trust – FAMR’s certification specialists are a passionate team
    that specializes in registering qualified businesses to work alongside the federal government. We’ve helped businesses of all kinds achieve certification status and are more than happy to walk you through every step of your WOSB certification process to assure your confidence.
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DIY – (WOSB) Self Certification

Right now, women small business owners who are willing to research the lengthy federal certification process may file for WOSB status themselves through the SBA or  by way of a third-party certifier for Federal Contracts only.

But keep in mind: The federal government requires a lot of information to certify your business—and all of it needs to be submitted flawlessly.

If a WOSB submits their certification application with errors, those business owners might need to restart the entire registration process again under even harsher guidelines. Not to mention, with the limited time left for WOSB self-registration in mind, that kind of delay can be detrimental to a business’ final certification status.

On top of that, if the WOSB does manage to receive approval despite some clerical errors when filing, that faulty information can go on to create payment delays and negatively impact an organization’s ability to win future contracts.

Challenges of WOSB Self Certification

  • Dozens of Registration Hours – Registering WOSB status with the federal government is a time consuming process that takes dedicated effort, patience, and close attention-to-detail.
  • DIY – Until the SBA’s new reformations pass, this self-registration
    process can be completed by business owners who learn how to accurately file their WOSB information with an SBA approved third party certifier.
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