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SAM Renewal Services

Get your SAM Registration renewed to maintain your access to profitable and exclusive federal contracts and grants from the government’s System for Award Management

What is SAM Renewal?

If you’ve completed your SAM Registration and are competing for federal contracts and funding, you’ll need to have your registration renewed and revalidated at least annually to avoid its expiration. Think of it as a 365-day countdown since you last renewed or updated your business’ information. If your information changes during that time period, you should revalidate and update your SAM registration as soon as possible, which also resets the countdown.

While setting an annual reminder might seem like enough, agencies looking for contractors might be cautious of a business that has less than two months until its SAM Registration expires. If you’re in the middle of a contract when it expires, the government isn’t authorized to do business with you anymore. This means you should ideally be renewing every nine or ten months to be safe and avoid this risk.

Get Your SAM Renewed With Ease

The renewal process is necessary for continued membership in the federal marketplace — and failing to do so will prohibit your participation and access to federal benefits. However, the renewal process can be frustrating, time-consuming, and has to be completed in one computer session. On top of that, any mistakes or errors can lead to delays that risk you losing contracts due to registration expiration.

We’re Here to Help

FAMR is an independent consulting firm that specializes in registering businesses with the federal government and making sure they get access to the opportunities they deserve. Our team of experts is experienced in submitting and renewing SAM registrations as well as other federal registrations and certifications to help organizations start getting funding today.

Let us guide your renewal process to ensure your company continues its eligibility for federal benefits without you having to go through the process by yourself.

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