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Let us start your registration today to receive government funding through grants, work opportunities through contracts, disaster aid through federal relief programs, and more!


Organizations that meet certain prerequisites—such as being a small business or owned by U.S. veterans—are eligible for certification to access even more unique opportunities throughout the Federal and Private sectors!


Standout, shine, and get discovered by the thousands of federal awarding officers who are searching for businesses like yours to gain a leg up on your competition, win open-bid contracts, and attract exclusive non-bid offers!
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FAMR is an Independent Consulting Firm that specializes in Registrations, Certifications, and Federal Contracting

Did you Know? The U.S. Federal government is the largest of purchaser of American goods and services, spending over $5.4 Trillion in 2019’s fiscal year alone.

Federal Contracting allocates a portion of that spending to provide organizations with lucrative work opportunities, easy avenues to increase their revenue flow, and a reliable means to scale their business. If your organization is not currently registered to access federally contracted jobs, grants, and other government-supplied benefits, then it’s already missing out on valuable opportunities.

If unsure how to register your organization and start receiving federal funds—or simply don’t want to spend the dozens of hours required to navigate the federal government’s complex registration processes alone—we’re here to help. FAMR will handle your business’ registration and certification processes, market your organization to best appeal to federal awarding officers, and ensure it earns all the opportunities it’s due.

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Why Certify your Business?

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Federal Business Registration 101

When organizations get registered to work with the federal government, their landscape of business opportunities changes drastically—and for the better. From accessing exclusive contracting opportunities reserved

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Why Register with the Federal Government?

From accessing exclusive contracting opportunities reserved for federally listed companies, to becoming eligible for the sole source awards and set-aside grants of multiple government programs, the benefits that come from working with the federal government help U.S. businesses of all kinds thrive.

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Registering to provide Emergency Relief during National Crises (like COVID-19)

In times of national crises, the federal government calls upon businesses throughout the country to deliver emergency goods and services where Americans need them most.

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WOSB Certification

Our Women-Owned Small Business Certification Specialists are standing-by to handle your Registration processes and ensure your WOSB accesses the Federal Contracts it deserves

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VOSB Certification

Our Veteran Certification Specialists are standing-by to handle every step of your Government Registration processes, and ensure your business is approved for the Opportunities it Deserves

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